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Michiana Seniors - 2023 Schedule

Wed May 10 Woodlands at Whittaker  New Buffalo MI Regular (opening day) 120
Mon May 22 Island Hills G. C. Centreville MI Regular 120
Mon June 5 Pretty Lake G.C. Plymouth IN Regular (Guest Day) 120
Mon June 19 Pottawattomie C.C. Michigan City IN Regular 120
Wed July 5 Meadow Valley Middlebury IN Regular 120
Mon July 17 Warren Course at Norte Dame South Bend IN Regular 120
Wed Aug. 2 Beechwood G. C. LaPorte IN Regular (Guest Day) 120
Mon-Tue Aug. 14-15 Swan Lake Resort Course Plymouth IN Match Play Team Championship *** 72
Wed Aug. 30 Klinger Lake C. C. Sturgis MI Regular 120
Mon Sept. 11 Morris Park C. C. South Bend IN Regular (final event) 120

* Regular events are Individual Medal Play and Skins games within handicap flights
Current WHS (USGA) handicap required for ALL PLAYERS INCLUDING GUESTS
All tournaments (including Championship) include "Hole-in-One" contest
All tournaments (except Championship) include "Closest-to-the-Pin" contests for Front, Middle and Back Tee players
Normal Start Times for Regular and Member/Guest tournaments is 12:00pm CDT / 1:00pm EDT

** Maximum Player Entries Accepted (if more entries received, additional players ARE placed on WAIT LIST in order received)

*** MSGA Team Championship is Member/Member or Member/Guest Tournament
Current WHS (USGA) handicap required for ALL PLAYERS INCLUDING GUESTS
Championship limited to 30 teams (60 players) unless additional 6 teams enter; then field limited to 36 teams (72 players)




Email correspondense should be made thru "CONTACT US" tab at top of page:

Written correspondense should be mailed to:

P. O. Box 162
Valparaiso, IN 46383-0162

PHONE: 219-241-7599

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Tournament Format

Individual Medal Play (Regular) tournaments:

To participate and compete for awards, all players must have an established USGA approved handicap.  Beginning in 2020, USGA handicaps are calculated by the World Handicap System (WHS). For more information on handicaps, see Handicap Central tab above.

A player’s official handicap is known as the player’s Handicap Index (the index is in tenths; for example, 8.7 or 19.2, etc.).  By using a player’s Handicap Index and the rating and slope of the course tees being played, a course handicap (for example 9 or 20, etc.) is determined for each player and that handicap is assigned to the player for the tournament.


For each Regular tournament, players are divided into two groups, i.e. players who play the Regular tees (approximately 6000 yards) and players who play the Forward tees (approximately 5000 yards).  In each group, players are divided into flights based on Handicap Index, so all players are playing against players of similar skill levels.  The Regular tee players are divided into three flights and the Forward tee players are divided into two flights.

Individual Medal Play tournaments have five flights (A-B-C and D-E). 

  • Players in flights A-B-C play from the Regular tees.  Players in flights D-E play from the Forward tees.
  • Flights D-E are reserved for players whose age+handicap index equals 85 or more.  All eligible players may choose to play in flights D-E, but once they choose the Forward tees, they must play in those flights for the balance of the year.
  • Approximately one-third of the players entered in the Regular tee group and one-half of the players entered in the Forward tee group are assigned to the five flights.  Flights generally have 15-25 players each. 
  • Players with the same Handicap Index are assigned to the same flight.
  • Players with the same course handicap may be assigned to different flights as Handicap Indexes may be slightly different.
  • Regular tee and Forward tee players play par 3’s from different tees and have separate Closest-to-the-Pin awards.
  • Hole-in-One contest includes players from all flights combined and for all par-3’s on the course.
  • Regular and Forward tee player have separate awards for overall low-net or overall low-gross in their group.
  • Hole handicaps for Forward tees may be different from Regular tees if different on the course scorecard.  Hole handicaps are used to determine skin awards.
  • If a course does not have a Men’s slope and rating for the Forward tees, the MSGA calculates a slope and rating based on USGA guidelines.  The slopes and ratings are provided to players in the tournament confirmation email the player receives from the Director of Golf confirming entry into the tournament and should be used for handicap posting for the tournament.
  • Awards may be different because of the number of players in each group (Regular and Forward).
  • Players are encouraged to continue to play with their regular groups even though players may be playing from different tees.

MSGA Championship tournament:

For information on the format of the MSGA Championship, see MSGA Championship tab above.

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Tournament Cancellation Policy

Every effort is made to play all scheduled tournaments. Players should be aware that the weather conditions at the site of the tournament may be significantly different from where the player lives. Contact the tournament site for information.

If the entire tournament is cancelled prior to the scheduled start time, the MSGA will attempt to contact all players as soon as possible after the tournament cancellation is determined.

Generally, cancelled tournaments are not rescheduled because of difficulty in negotiating an acceptable reschedule date with the golf course. Since the MSGA does not deposit entry fees until after the date of the tournament, entry fee checks are destroyed.

Tournament entrants may cancel their entry in any tournament 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time without penalty and entry fee check is destroyed.

If an entrant cancels within 48 hours of scheduled start time, the MSGA will attempt to fill the opening with another eligible member. If the MSGA is able to fill the opening, the entry fee check is destroyed.  If the MSGA is unable to fill the opening, the entry fee is non-refundable.

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MSGA Assumption of Risk Statement

Each member/golfer assumes all risks and dangers incidental to the game of golf, including but not limited to the risk of bad weather, lightning, being struck by errant golf shots and the risk of being injured by or falling from a golf cart and releases the Michiana Seniors Golf Association (MSGA) and its officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all liabilities resulting from such risks.

For 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the MSGA to notify all players entered in a tournament that the decision to play or not is solely that of the individual player.  The MSGA conducts all tournament events in accordance with all state and local guidelines at each golf course.  All golf courses are required to also conform to all state and local guidelines pertaining to hosting golf tournaments.

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Tips for Speeding Up Play

The MSGA strives to have its members complete tournament rounds within 4¼ to 4½ hours.  For groups (foursomes) that have fallen behind the group in front, the group must speed up play by playing “Ready Golf” until they catch up to the group in front.  “Ready Golf” is defined as hitting your shot when you are ready to hit but are not interfering with any other player hitting their shots.  This will result in players sometimes hitting out of turn.  This can occur when playing partners have not arrived at their ball and are not ready to hit their shot or players are looking for a lost ball, etc.   Remember “Ready Golf” is not for the benefit of your group, but for groups following.  ITS CALLED GOLF ETIQUETTE.

In order to keep rounds within this goal, the MSGA offers the following commonsense suggestions:

  • Keep pace with the group in front at all times.
  • Be ready to hit your shot when it becomes your turn.  Do not converse with others who are ready to hit their shots.  That is defined as interfering.
  • Do not sit in the cart while your cart partner or other players hit their shots.  Determine which club(s) you need and if practical, walk to your ball and be ready to hit your shot.
  • When returning to your cart, keep your club(s) with you while you drive to the next shot, then put the club(s) in your bag and make your next club selection.
  • Even though you may not be away, if no other player is ready to hit their shot and you do not interfere with other players, hit your shot.  That is definition of “Ready Golf”.
  • Follow all cart directional signs but try to park the cart in the direction of the next tee box or behind the green when reaching the green.  Do not park the cart in front of greens.  Do not park the cart so that when walking off the green, you are walking toward the following group.
  • Upon reaching the green, provided it does not interfere with others, line up your putt while other players are lining up their putts or while they are putting.
  • Clear the green area as quickly as possible after putting is complete (No practice putting).
  • When returning to your cart, keep your putter with you until you reach the next tee box, then put the putter in your bag and record the scores. 
  • The best way to know if your group is playing at a reasonable pace is to see where the group in front is compared to your group.  If you arrive at a tee on a non-par 3 hole and the group ahead is on the green or has completed the hole, your group is not keeping pace and needs to concentrate on playing “Ready Golf” to catch up.

Speed up play and make golf enjoyable for everyone, especially the groups following!

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