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Each year the MSGA holds a Championship Tournament.  The Championship in the current format was first held during the 2003 season.  The event is a Two-Man, Two-Day Best Ball Match Play Tournament.  

Flight Champions participate in a Shootout to determine the overall champions.  Prior to the 2009 season, John Pavlos, co-founder and long-time president of the MSGA died unexpectedly.  The Board has honored John by naming the championship, the John Pavlos Memorial Championship.

Winners are presented with individual engraved trophies in addition to having their names added to the John Pavlos Memorial Championship trophy which is displayed at each event.

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Players Registering
Players Registering


The tournament format is two-man team best-ball match play within flights. Flight assignments are determined by team handicap. Each flight includes six (6) teams, requiring five (5) nine-hole head-to-head matches over the two-day championship. A Shootout of flight winners determines the overall MSGA Team Championship.

Initial entries are limited to the first thirty (30) teams entered to create five (5) flights. Should less than 30 teams enter, some flights will be made up of five (5) teams rather than six (6) teams. Should more than thirty teams enter, those additional teams will be placed on a waiting list.  If additional teams enter, another flight will be added after six (6) teams are entered to complete a full six (6) team flight.  The maximum is 36 teams (72 players).

Players may choose to play the forward tees if eligible (Handicap Index + Age = 85) and have played the forward tees in previous events during the year.  Since both players play their own ball, a team may be composed of a player playing the regular tees and a player playing the forward tees.  Player handicaps are determined by the Rating/Slope of tees played.

Handicaps for a match foursome are based off the lowest handicap player in the foursome who is assigned zero (0) handicap strokes for the match. Players receive one-half their regular handicap for both the matches and the shootout. Other players in the foursome are assigned strokes based on the difference of their handicaps and that of the lowest handicap player (strokes are assigned to holes based on the course scorecard).  Official MSGA score cards are prepared with the handicap holes indicated. 

For match play scoring, ten points are awarded for each match.  Each hole winner is awarded one point (half-point each for holes tied), and one point is awarded for winning the match (half-point each for matches tied).  For flights with less than six teams, each team in the flight plays one match against par.

For each flight, the team with the most total points after completion of match play advances to the shootout to determine the overall Championship winners.  Should two teams tie, the head-to-head match shall determine the winner; if the head-to-head match was tied, the winner will be determined by going backward on the scorecard beginning on the last hole played until one team wins a hole; that team will advance to the shootout.  If the teams remain tied, the winner will be determined by a coin flip. Should three or more teams tie, the total points won by each team in the head-to-head matches shall determine the team that advances to the shootout.  Should a tie remain between two teams, the winner shall be determined by the same method as two teams tying.  Second place winners in each flight will be determined in the same manner.

In the shootout, handicaps are again based off the lowest handicap player in the shootout field.  Both players on each team play their own ball for the team’s net best-ball score.  One team is eliminated after each hole.  The highest net best-ball score for the hole is eliminated.  For ties on a hole, a chip-off is used to eliminate one team.  On the first playoff hole, only four (4) teams will advance to the second playoff hole; all others will be eliminated.  If the final two teams tie the final hole, the final playoff hole will be re-played to determine the winner.  Should the teams remain tied, a chip-off will be used to determine the overall champions.  

The shootout is managed by the Director of Golf and/or the Course Professional whose rulings will be final.

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Swan Lake Director of Golf Chad Hutsell with pre-tournament instructions
Swan Lake Director of Golf Chad Hutsell with
pre-tournament instructions

Bill Murray posting Match Results and Flight Winners
Bill Murray posting Match Results and Flight Winners

Schedule of Play - 2022







Mon/Tue Aug 15-16 Swan Lake Resort G. C. Plymouth, IN map MSGA Championship details schedule recap results

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Past Champions

  • 2022 - Ed Meyer and Tom Smith
  • 2021 - Ed Meyer and Tom Smith
  • 2020 - Doug Bley and Jay Wilson
  • 2019 - Dave Pendergast and Phil Droege (guest)
  • 2018 - Gary Drutis and Mark Joseph
  • 2017 - No Overall Champions (Second day of Tournament cancelled)
  • 2016 - John Spensley and Mike Sandridge (guest)
  • 2015 - Bob McFadden and Ed O’Conor
  • 2014 - John Becking and Bill Gustin
  • 2013 - Dave Pendergast and Harvey King
  • 2012 - Bill Murray and Rick Ogle
  • 2011 - Don Herakovich and Dave St. Clair
  • 2010 - Bill Murray and Rick Ogle
  • 2009 - Dave Mason and Gil Vayhinger
  • 2008 - Tom Stefaniak and Lou Torres
  • 2007 - Art Bartholomew and Don Giedemann
  • 2006 - Roger Farley and Joe Juday
  • 2005 - Gene Dollberg and Bob Wiltfong
  • 2004 - Bill Cork and Fred Shrock
  • 2003 - Randy Decker and Dave Mason

Chad Hutsell (C) with 2022 Champions Tom
Smith & Ed Meyer (L) & Runners-up Andy
Dosmann & Mike Hoffman (R)

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Championship Highlights

2022 MSGA Championship

Andy Dosmann putting during Shoot-out

Tom Smith putting during Shoot-out

Ed Meyer putting with partner Tom Smith
and Pro Chad Hutsell watching

Ed Meyer teeing off

Mike Hoffman teeing off
during Shoot-out

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2022 Results | 2021 Results | 2020 Results | 2019 Results | 2018 Results | 2017 Results | 2016 Results | 2015 Results
2014 Results | 2013 Results | 2012 Results | 2011 Results | 2010 Results | 2009 Results | 2008 Results

2022 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

Ed Meyer &
Tom Smith
2022 Champions

Rich Wallace &
Jon Phillips

Dave Pendergast &
Phil Droege

Dan Kaleth &
Mike Kinsey

Mike Hoffman &
Andy Dosmann

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2021 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

Ed Meyer &
Tom Smith
2021 Champions

Steve Stone &
John Hulewicz

Ray Ginsburg &
Tom Gambon

Louie & Wayne

Mike Hoffman &
Andy Dosmann

John & Chuck Spensley

Click score sheets to view larger

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2020 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

John Hulewicz &
Steve Stone

John Devaney &
Tom Webb

Doug Bley &
Jay Wilson
2020 Champions

Rich Wallace &
Bruce Ruge

Mark Joseph &
Gary Drutis

Click score sheets to view larger

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2019 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

Mike Martin &
Doug Schnick

Fred Hillis &
Kevin Shidler

Dave Pendergast &
Phil Droege
2019 Champions

Bruce Ruge &
Rich Wallace

Gary Drutis &
Mark Joseph

Chuck Spensley &
John Spensley

Click score sheets to view larger

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2018 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

Fred Hillis & Kevin Shidler

Bill Murray & Paul Martindale

Bob Hart & Steve Kahn

Don Rogers & Randy Kerns

Gary Drutis & Mark Joseph
2018 Champions

John Graft & Glenn Borden

Click score sheets to view larger

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2017 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

The second day of the MSGA Championship Tournament was cancelled because of heavy overnight rains that rendered the course unplayable.  Partial awards were distributed based on the flight results for the first day.  The shootout for overall MSGA Champions was also cancelled, resulting in no overall MSGA Champions for 2017.


Eldon Miller &
Rob Hocevar

Mike Hoffman &
Abe Ismail 

Don Abair &
Bob Dunn

Mike McCreight &
Bob Henrikson

A. B. Webb &
John Graft

Ed O’Conor &
Bob McFadden

Click score sheets to view larger

2016 MSGA Championship Flight Winners

Bill Murray & Joe Juday
Bill Murray
& Joe Juday

Don Herakovich & Dave St. Clair
Don Herakovich
& Dave St. Clair

Gary Drutis & Mark Joseph
Gary Drutis
& Mark Joseph

John Spensley & Mike Sandridge
John Spensley
& Mike Sandridge
2016 Champions

Peter MacEntee & Abe Ismail
Peter MacEntee
& Abe Ismail

Click score sheets to view larger

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